We Celebrate Pets!                

Everyone loves their pets ... and everyone loves sharing stories about their pets!

As part of our "Tails & Tales" summer reading program, we are inviting you to share stories and pictures of your pet. We'll add them to the web gallery on this page, and on July 30th, we'll hold an online event and vote on our favorites.

Winners in three categories will receive a gift certificate for their pets.

Categories Will Be:




Please submit your entry by July 26th!

(one submission per pet)



Meet Flintstone!

Don't let this calm exterior fool you, this little guy knows how to turn on light switches! He uses his special talent to wake us up in the middle of the night when he wants food!

Meet Oreo!


Oreo is our fun dog; she loves to fetch all day and swims in any water, any time. She also likes to sit on top of the desk, bite water from the hose, and let her huge tongue hang out.



Meet Prince!

Once Prince jumped over a big tomato box on the rug! It was a big jump! Sometimes he stomps. He has strong back legs. He chins the other rabbit's door. He chews the door, too. That's not funny.



Meet Phil!

Phil is our rescue puppy. We got him when he was just a baby; he grew and grew until he got to be really, really tall. Now when he jumps up, he can give you a hug and wrap his arms around your shoulders. I love Phil!



Meet Bob!

Bob's charisma is evident here after a spirited chase of his bird toy, as the prominent ear tufts that gave him his name (Bobcat).



Meet Oliver!

Oliver spends much of the day napping. He is very cute and lovable at these times as this picture shows. Occasionally, he gets into mischief with unannounced visits to the upstairs apartment. He is my daily cup of kindness.



Meet Canyon!

Whenever I take off my slippers, this guy tries to claim them for his own. He does NOT appreciate having to give them up again.

Meet Shiloh!
Shiloh (1).jpg


Hi! My name is Shiloh and I am a therapy dog at the Ridge School in Salt Point, NY. When I am working I help the students and staff to help cheer up. I love giving kisses and getting my belly rubbed. When I am off duty I like to sun myself in the yard and chase those pesky squirrels. I also like to bark at those annoying bikes that pass by my house because they exist.


Meet Leyla!

 Daddy found Leyla at work. Sometimes people dump bunnies and they run around all over the place. She was a dumped bun. I like when she chins me. She is saying that I belong to her. She says, "You are mine!"


Meet Rudy Lyle Ashby!

Have you ever wondered what a ragdoll cat mixed with a bengal cat would look like ? Well, here it is ! His name is Rudy Lyle Ashby. He has beautiful long hair and dark spots on his white areas. His personality is the perfect combination of sweet and playful. He is also intelligent and knows basic hand commands like "sit" and "stay".



Meet Pancake!

Pancake is a true grumpy cat. He enjoys people, but only on his terms; what seems like a nice snuggle and pet session can quickly turn into a situation where you need bandaids! He enjoys sitting in boxes (if he sits, he fits!) chewing allllll of the erasers off pencils and ends of nerf darts, sitting on top of the book you’re reading or computer your using, and drooling.