As we look forward to a new year, it is clear that 2020 is one we are unlikely to forget any time soon.  It was a year filled with challenges that will shape our community for years to come.


In order to capture this moment in history, we are creating a time capsule so that the next generation will have a document of this pivotal time.


All ages are welcome to contribute. Materials for inclusion should be delivered to the library (sealed in a Ziplock bag) no later than Dec. 23rd. Please make sure your name is visible somewhere on the bag.


* Covid Time Capsule worksheet



* Photographs

* Letters, emails, postcards

* Newspaper/ Magazine articles

* Drawings, paintings, or writings

* Anything else you think is significant

Let us know and we'll print it for you!

Join our Online EVENT on Tues., Dec. 29th @ 6pm to talk about the items you chose and hear about items other people included.  (Event Link)

Mailing & Delivery Address

P.O. Box 1167

128 Canal Street

Port Ewen, NY 12466

Phone & Fax

Phone: 845-338-5580

Fax: 845-338-5583

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Printing & Fax services are now available.


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