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Virtual Art Museum Tour

The Google Arts and Culture website offers some fairly interesting stuff! There's a lot to look at, including virtual tours through 7 museums from around the world. These tours are not videos. They use Goggle's "street view" that allows you to move through sequential images that seem like a 360 degree video. Street view is also a feature on Google Maps, which allows you to view the street that you are searching for.

When you are on street view, you will notice an arrow hovering in the actual image. Click on that to move forward. If you see an arrow pointing in the opposite direction, clicking on that will take you back. If you press down on your mouse and drag it, you can see that the image moves as if you are standing there, looking up, down and all around.

The museum tours are toward the bottom of the web site page, however, you will see a lot of interesting stuff as you scroll down.

To check out this website, click here.

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