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Teen Writing Prompts

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Have a great story to tell but don't know where to begin? Sometimes all you need is a little push...

Here are a few great opening lines for a story. Pick one, try it out, and see where it takes you. When your done, you can send it to us and we'll give you feedback on the story.

  1. I didn’t mean to kill her.

  2. The air turned black all around me.

  3. It was there and then it had gone, why would a rabbit be on my bathroom floor?

  4. The lights flickered and then went off, then the sirens started, it was coming, and we knew it wouldn’t be the last time...

  5. Everything stopped; people stood like statues all around me, people in cars, men on bicycles, babies in strollers, all lifeless, frozen in time.

  6. He opened the safe and it had gone. No one had the code, who could have opened it?

  7. I hadn't seen the door before. It wasn't there last night. Cautiously, I turned the handle.

  8. Just after he died, he sat up.

  9. His metal mask shone in the sunlight, he prayed that this would not be his last day.

  10. It was the day the moon fell.


To get feedback from our very own YA author, send your story to the Brian James @

(Thanks to the "Literacy Shed" for sharing the writing prompts).

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