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Questions of Sanity [Film]

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

“True Story of Female Serial Killers in 19th Century NY”

Historian Michael Keene presents an original documentary told with archival photographs, original music, and narration about some of the most infamous figures in New York's history.

Some of the women highlighted in the film include; Lizzie Halliday described by The New Times as “the worst women on earth”, who wantonly murdered all nine members of her family. The infamous “baby farmer” Catherine Clause, who killed fifteen infants left in her care and her shocking punishment. Roxanna Druse’s horrific murder of her husband that shocked the country and her botched execution that led to New York State adopting the electric chair for capital punishment.

You can watch the film for FREE here:

Join us for an online discussion group on Tuesday, June 22nd @ 7pm to talk about the film and the topics it raises. Event link:

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