Herbal Medicine Approaches to Fighting Stress and Anxiety

Wednesday, May 26th @ 6:30pm

This interactive workshop will help the audience learn botanical approaches to manage daily stressors, reduce anxiety and increase energy and productivity.

Botanicals today are considered ones of the most effective alternative treatments to dozens of health issues.

Herbalist & Coach Jovanka Ciares will show you how to use the power of plants and herbal remedies to help you feel empowered and well. As part of the workshop, our audience will learn: • A fun history of how the people of the world have used plants to heal • Modern Homeopathy basics • How to use plants as "medicine" • Nervous System (Stress & Anxiety) - herbs and supplements that help In the end, this course will provide specific remedies used for generations, that the students can start incorporating into their daily routine.

* This program is being conducted by The Pearl River Public Library. It is a free event, but requires registration:


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