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Facts Matter

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

In uncertain times, making sure you have the right information is critical!

As Covid-19 spreads, so does misinformation about the virus, government response, and policies that effect you. This means you should never rely on social media as your only source of news.

While Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other sites may be the quickest way to spread news, it also the quickest way to spread "fake news."

When you need to know what is really going on, we encourage all of you to check the accuracy of the information.

If you encounter news that is surprising, upsetting, or confusing, you can use the following non-partisan fact checking sites to verify the truth of the story:

Snopes: One of the leading fact-checking websites, Snopes has an entire section dedicated to Covid-19.

Politifact: The site's "Truth-O-Meter" gives you a quick indication of the truthfulness of trending statements...including many misleading statements about Covid-19. While this site deals mostly with politics, they do have an extensive Q&A section dedicated to Covid-19.

Pro Truth Pledge: This site features a "Facts Search Engine" that works like Google. Type in keywords to find out the facts about a story you are questioning.

Remember...knowing is half the battle! Stay safe, everyone.

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