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Backyard Chickens for Beginners

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Are you interested in raising chickens but don’t know how to start? In case you missed our “how-to” presentation from the Cornell Cooperative Extension, we're attaching the slides here.

In these slides, you will find information on:

How to select, house, and care for small flocks of chickens.

How to navigate your town’s rules and regulations for backyard chicken flocks.

How to be a good neighbor when keeping poultry.

Getting started with egg layers or broilers (meat birds), and choosing the bird that is right for you.

Housing, feeding and watering needs.

Learn about portable chicken coops.

Protecting your birds from weather and predators.

Class instructor, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Ulster County Livestock Educator Jason Detzel, has many years of chicken-raising experience with both laying hens and meat breeds of all kinds. Whether you’re interested in raising a few chickens in your backyard or starting your own chicken-based enterprise, this class will cover it all.

Download PDF • 5.95MB

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