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Our Best Shots 2022
Virtual Gallery

This virtual galley showcases the work of members of the Ulster County Photography Club, which had its beginning at Esopus Library. Select each image to enlarge it and read the description.

Richard Mardex

I was first bitten by the photo bug when I took a high school photography class. After High School, I took several more photography classes while attending New York University’s Film School. Ironically, it wasn’t until about twenty years later that I began photographing professionally as a portrait and event photographer, which I continued to do for over twenty years. I believe deeply in professional development, and I am eternally grateful to the Professional Photographers of America and the Professional Photographers of New York for creating so many opportunities for education and growth.


That said, while I am truly passionate about photography, I am rarely satisfied with my own work. And while I have tried hard over the years to develop a “niche” and a “recognizable style”, I seem unable to pin myself down. I am resigned to the fact that I am hopeless generalist, as there are too many things that I love to photograph. As a “newbie” to the Hudson Valley Region, I am deeply appreciating the many opportunities to explore it’s scenic beauty with a camera, and so the journey continues.

Carol Rogers

I started out in Photography a few years ago when the pandemic took hold! With so many different avenues to learn from, I found myself taking classes online to see what would be most interesting, creative, and fun. My eyes seem to venture to landscapes, beaches, wildlife, and my other love of delectable food. My goal is to have the viewer come along for the journey.

Marion Zimmer

Wandering around the Hudson Valley with camera in hand, I seek to further my creative pursuits. I am always looking for those many unique and lovely shots from our area.