Monthly Reading List

Each month we will provide a list of books centered around a chosen theme. You can use this list to find something new to read, or challenge yourself to expand your reading interests.

June 2021: Oh, Father!

Last month we celebrated mothers, and in June we’ll celebrate fathers. These stories examine the role of Dads, from the good, the bad, and the heroic.

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May 2021: Oh, Mother!

May is the month to celebrate mothers everywhere. These stories about the joys, tears, and frustrations of having a mother will stress the importance of doing just that.

April 2021: Laughter is the Best Medicine

April is “Humor Month” and we could all use something to laugh about. From the dark and dry to the witty and wry, this selection of books includes something for everyone.

March 2021: Stories of Hope

March is “Optimism Month” and in these times we could all use something uplifting. We’ve chosen a selection of books that celebrate the resilience of the human spirit.

February 2021: Let's Celebrate Black Voices

We should always celebrate Black voices, not just during Black History Month, and literature is one of the best ways to honor some of the community's most illuminating stories. By reading stories about a culture written in their own voices, we can all better understand both the struggles and triumphs of African Americans. Here are some of the most acclaimed books written by African Americans in 2020.

January 2021: It's a New Year...Try a New Author!

Check out these highly acclaimed Debut Novels from last year!