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Trustee Candidates

The Budget and Trustee vote will be taking place on June 6, 2023 at the library. Absentee ballots are available at the circulation desk.

Below are the candidates you will find listed on the ballots:

Larry Decker:


"I have resided in the town of Esopus for a little over 13 years in the community known as The Hills off Connelly Road.. .

I am basically retired from my position at Scholastic Book Fairs where I was in marketing.. This included creating two annual videos that I produced, wrote, and directed. This enabled me to work with countless authors, sports figures, and movie/TV personalities. It was a 'dream job'. Prior to that, I opened and managed the Barnes & Noble in Albany.

I am drawn to Serving on the Library Board of Trustees because of not only my obsession of books but I would like to incorporate this interest with community service. I see the library as not only a place to connect with books and various media specialties but an inviting building of safe space where the community can come together for a variety of events, programs, and discussion groups. A place where people can educate themselves and experience a raised consciousness and new ideas. I also think our building should show the best examples of energy efficiency, accessibility, and environmental compatibility."



Martha Farrell:


"I have lived in the Town of Esopus for 33 years. My husband Chris and I raised our two children here sending them to Kingston Public Schools and often visiting the Town of Esopus library for programs and materials. I received my Masters of Science in Information Science in 2009 and have been working at the Poughkeepsie Public Library since then as a Librarian. I love my work there because it is so varied. I plan and develop youth programs, managing the teen collections and also work with adults in technology education. I believe my work as a front line library employee gives me a unique perspective about the workings of a library. I know what the issues are for staff and patrons and am strongly committed to the American Library Association guidelines and philosophies. I will bring my sense of compassion and my leadership skills to this Board in a way that will benefit all."



Elaine Jaffe:


"I have been a resident of Port Ewen for 3 years. I finally sold my house on a mountain in Bearsville after
living there for more than 20 years and moved to a condo where I do not have to deal with lawn mowing
and snow plowing.
I was appointed to the Library Board of Trustees in February and have since taken several Trustee
trainings offered by Mid-Hudson Libraries to become a productive and informed Trustee. I currently
serve on 2 Board Committees. I now have to be elected to fill out the term to which I was appointed.
My background is eclectic including magazine manufacture and finance, software design and long run
printing. As a retiree, I have the time to volunteer and very much enjoy bringing my skills in organization
and fund raising to worthwhile organizations.
I look forward to continuing to work with the Town of Esopus Library Board of Trustees to help keep our
Library among the best in Ulster County.



Kathleen Larson:

"This August will mark sixty years that the Larsons, as a family, have lived on Clay Road in the Town of Esopus. My husband, Rick (deceased), and I chose, as newlyweds, the town and neighborhood as a good place to put down roots and raise our four children, and we never regretted that decision.

My background is in education. I am certified to teach elementary grades K through 6 and grades 7 through 12 mathematics. I earned my bachelor's degree from Florida State University and my masters from SUNY New Paltz. For ten years I served as a substitute teacher in the Kingston Consolidated School District, adapting to the school and classroom I was placed in on any given day, excellent experience for any teacher. In fact, that experience taught me great appreciation for what others do, especially, librarians, kindergarten and physical education teachers.

When my youngest child started kindergarten at Robert Graves Elementary, I accepted a 'full time' math position at J. Watson Bailey Middle School, starting at mid-year when the teacher I replaced left for a full time job at IBM. The following September I became a full-time math and computer science teacher at Kingston High School where I remained until June, 2005, retiring with more than thirty years of service. Computer science courses were a part of my Masters studies and I found programming to be exciting, like solving puzzles. Eventually, with agreement from the Guidance Department, I introduced both AP Computer Science and AP Statistics into the KHS Advanced Placement offerings. I also served five years on the AP Computer Science Development Committee, composed of three high school teachers and three college professors from across the nation. The Development Committee determines the direction of an AP course and writes and approves multiple choice and free response questions for the final exam as well as grading rubrics.

Recently, I have been an adjunct (part time) professor at Marist College, teaching Introductory Statistics and a course entitled 'Technology for the Twenty-First Century'. While I love teaching these courses, on the advice of my family, it is time to turn to volunteer opportunities and give back in other ways.

Why am I interested in the Town of Esopus Library Board? I have always loved a local library. My first volunteer activity, when I was in 6th grade was to draw little pictures intended to attract other children to notice and borrow books from the town library near my elementary school. In college my work study hours were in the university library checking in and keeping track of professional journals. The library is more than books; the activities and offerings are central to the community that makes up our town life. Serving is a part of knowing the community giving back."


Michael Mulligan:


"I have resided in Port Ewen since 2019. I am a retired attorney. I practiced for thirty-three years in a general litigation practice, concentrating in family issues. I currently serve on the Town of Esopus Water and Sewer Board and its Economic Development Council. I feel a strong sense of civic duty to support and maintain service to the community. 

I would like to see and help develop a Library that supports and enriches all the residents of Esopus. I worked in the library in college and law school. I believe a library should be a strong resource for research and education. It needs to do as much as it can to attract residents to use the facilities and to provide them with the means to achieve their goals. As a business owner, I understand the constraints of budgets and the prioritizing resource expenditures. As a researcher, I understand the importance of access to quality, reliable information. As a town member, I understand the role the library can play in every citizen's life-my wife and I have moved several times throughout the country and each time a top-notch library was the first thing I looked for. I would like to help to keep this library as such a resource."

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