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Friends of the Library


At this time, we are accepting 2 bags or boxes of book donations weekly. 

Please ensure your donation meets the requirements: we are accepting NEW or GENTLY USED books, DVDS, and CDS.  We do NOT accept books in poor, moldy, wet or outdated condition.  We do NOT accept textbooks or Reader's Digest Condensed books, or VHS tapes.

Book Cellar Gift Certificates! 

Would you like to give the gift of a book, DVD, CD or Audiobook, but aren’t sure what title to get? What about a gift certificate for the Book Cellar here at the library? Certificates are available for purchase at the circulation desk for any amount.




Come Grow With Us!  

Join our lively group working to improve the Town of Esopus Library. Although we are known for the Book Cellar in the downstairs community space, we do many other projects and events. All of our proceeds go towards supplementing library programs, events and projects.


Memberships start at $10 for individuals. Email us with any questions:

Extra Book Sorting Needed!

We have many book sorters away for the winter months. If you are able to help sorting and stocking the book cellar, we would appreciate the extra hands! Call the library to find out when the Friends are meeting to sort.

Our Elected Officers
Connie Spoth, Chair
OPEN, Co-Chair
Susan Leiching, Treasurer
Recording Secretary

Membership Secretary
OPEN, Book Sale Manager
Joan Alley, Book Cellar  

Susan Leiching, Board Liaison

Brooke Dittmar, Library Staff Representative

For more information call Connie S. 338-0803 or Marion 338-2239

Donate to the Friends

Does your company have an Employee Match Program? The Friends’ of the Esopus Library is eligible for these funds. Contact your Human Resources Department for the correct form to send to us so we can double your support of our library.


Donations for the Book Cellar
The Library accepts donations during normal business hours. If you have more than three bags/boxes please call ahead (845) 338-5580. Please be aware, we do not accept items that are dirty, musty, moldy, heavily marked or wet/stained.  Also, we no longer accept video tapes.

Donation Guidelines:
Thank you for adhering to the following guidelines when donating your books and media. We are volunteers who sort through and manage all the donations. Following these simple guidelines will help us provide better book sales. The library must pay to dispose of items that don't meet the donation standards.


YES, we do accept hardcover and paperback books in good, saleable condition.

NO, we DO NOT accept books in poor condition (e.g., water damaged, musty, mildewed, missing pages, missing covers, falls apart when opened).


YES, we accept textbooks 10 years old or newer in good condition.

VHS Tapes

NO VHS tapes. 

Condensed Books (eg. Reader’s Digest):

NO, we DO NOT accept condensed books.

Outdated Books:

YES, we accept antiques and classics (rare books) in good, saleable condition.

NO, we DO NOT accept books with content that is time dependent and has become outdated, unreliable, and/or useless (e.g., old tax guides, old travel guides, old business books, encyclopedias).


NO, we DO NOT accept ANY magazines.

CDs, DVDs and Audio Books:

YES, we accept these in covers or boxes.

NO, we DO NOT accept these without covers or boxes.

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