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Field Goods: Fresh Food Pick Up

Field Goods is a year-round local produce delivery service and fundraiser for the library. A $1.00 donation is added to every order, and you pick up your produce at the Town of Esopus Library.  Field Goods purchases everything directly from over 80 small farms in the region. All of the produce is non-GMO, and most is organically grown.


Customers receive 5 to 8 different fruits and vegetables, in one of the four different bag sizes that you choose.  There are also optional extras.


  •  Click this link:

  •  Click “Order Now” 

  • Select “Public Locations” and pull down the menu for Port Ewen 

  •  Click the “Find Location” button

  •  Choose “Esopus Library – Fundraiser” and follow the prompts.​

Small bag with Field Goods Logo, mushrooms, cucumber, strawberries, lettuce
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