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Esopus Artists' Group Gallery

As a community, we all appreciate the creative spirit that thrives in the Hudson Valley. From the formation of the Hudson River School art movement in the mid-19th century, our region has continued to attract artists of every medium...and so has our library. Members of our Esopus Artists group have met in our community room for years as a way of sharing the artistic experience. In appreciation of their dedication and talent, we are proud to present this online gallery of their work.

Judy Howard

I work in the medium of soft pastels to create representational landscape paintings. My paintings are usually quiet, rural scenes with rich color and interesting textures, patterns and light. I am a former art teacher and graphic designer, and I’m a member of the Pastel Society of America and the Ozark Pastel Society.


You can see more of my artwork at

Marge Bennett

As something on my “bucket list,” I started painting about 5 years ago when the Library offered free classes taught by Loman Eng. I had no prior experience or schooling in art, just wanted to give it a shot.  Our entire class continued to meet together each week after the class was over and have since become known as the Esopus Artists Group.  I enjoy doing landscapes but really love painting cats!

Martie Alexander

My greatest inspiration for painting is my Mom. She didn’t start painting until after she retired. I had dabbled a little over the last decade in watercolor. I started painting in acrylics about 2 years ago. Since joining the Esopus Art Group I have painted regularly.

Pam Svirbly

I'm not too sure as to what to say, except that maybe my love of wildlife and nature show through in my work. Other than that, I just love to paint.

Linda Helmus

Becoming involved with painting has taught me many things.  I look at things differently, seeing colors, shadows, light, shapes, negative spaces, balance, and more.

I started with watercolor, then on to pastels, and now I'm working in oils.   An unexpected bonus, has been the wonderful friendships I have made along this journey.  I am so fortunate, and can't imagine my life without art!


Ruth Palmer

Painting for me is an escape from reality (which I stay clear of). I usually paint with oils.

Leila Audinot

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY,  I have been a resident of Ulster County for 34 years and currently reside in town of Esopus. A semi retired bilingual school psychologist by trade, I have been an “artist” my entire life. I have even used art as a counseling technique in my former assignment.


My paintings may reflect my memories as a child or just something I find interesting. In addition to landscapes, I enjoy painting animals and birds.  I also may create miniature scenes, including doll houses. 

Ruth Pine

I’m a creative, imaginative, artsy person and currently work with a variety of mediums, with a fondness for assorted glues and scissor styles, and special attention given to paint, paper, sparkly things, and recyclable materials.