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The gallery is located downstairs in the Hasbrouck Room and is open during normal Library hours.  Each month features a different local artist or group, with schedules made at least one year in advance.  Individuals interested in showing at the Duck Pond should contact , Brian James: 


Upcoming Shows

Gloria Waslyn

Opening Friday, December 27th @ 5:30

Show runs Dec. 27th through Jan. 22nd 

On opening night, Gloria will joined by "The Parrots For Peace", a family of five macaws who are Ambassadors of the Amazon Rainforest.

James Martin 

Opening Friday, January 24th @ 5:30

Show runs Jan. 24th through Feb. 22nd

Ulster County Photographer's Club

Opening Friday, February 28th @  5:30

Show runs Feb. 28th through March 21st 

Larry Arvidson 

Opening Friday, March 27th @ 5:30

Show runs March 27th through April 22nd 

Esopus Artists

Opening Friday, April 24th @ 5:30

Show runs April 24th through May 20th 

Beth Dixon 

Opening Friday, May 22nd @5:30 

Show runs May 22nd through June 24th 

Judy Howard 

Opening Friday, June 26th @ 5:30

Show runs June 26th through July 22nd 

Anita DeFina Hadley

"Life on Canvas" 

Opening Friday, Sept. 25th @ 5:30

Show runs Sept. 25th through Oct. 21st