"Our Best Shots"

The Ulster County Photography Club had its beginnings as program at our library. It has since grown into an organization of its own, one whose monthly meetings we are proud to still host in our community room. Every March, the group selects the best photos taken by members to be displayed in our Duck Pond Gallery. Though the library building is currently closed, that tradition continues with this online gallery.

Tom Hackett

I am a mostly self-taught landscape and aspiring fine art photographer who has been “doing photography” since I was a child.  For me, photography is a way of knowing, remembering and loving the world. 

Anita DeFina Hadley

Upon retiring as a faculty member at SUNY Ulster in 2005, I began my passionate pursuit of photography; with an extensive world-wide travel schedule, to distant lands and amazing photographic destinations, I have been given amazing opportunities toward enhancing my repertoire and creative journey. 


I have had several photos published both locally and internationally; as well, I have been a part of a number of local Exhibits and Shows, and Calendar publications.


Feel free to visit my website to view additional works.    

Email:  anita.adh@gmail.com for further information.

Maxine Kamin

After retiring from a gratifying thirty-year career in the library field, Ms. Kamin eagerly pursued her goal of becoming a photographer. Her love of travel and enjoyment of nature and the outdoors are often evident in her work. A New Paltz resident for 35 years, she now resides with her husband, Marc, on the west bank of the Hudson River in Port Ewen, NY. 

Lee Courtney

My photography journey took a little turn during 2020 in a wonderful way. Here, I share with you a new sense of adventure; experimentation with new and old images from shoot to edit to print.

Carol Rogers

I enjoy using my senses to pick out details in the world around me.

Photography has instilled a leap of confidence in me to see a subject and be able to express that story to a viewers lens.

My work consists of landscapes, and nature as well as the art of food. My goal is to have the viewers eye capture a sense of realism in the photos.

Marion Zimmer

I have always been the "family" photographer.  After moving to Port Ewen my interest has centered on the landscapes that are so prevalent around this area.

John Mizel

My interest in photography began back in junior high school when I got my first 35mm camera and learned how to develop and print B&W film in my basement darkroom.  I have always enjoyed capturing wildlife and nature scenes and the Hudson Valley provides the perfect backdrop.  I am a longtime volunteer photographer at the Mohonk Preserve where I mountain bike, always with a camera in my backpack!

Contact Info: john.mizel@gmail.com

John Verner

John Verner is a fine art, commercial, and stock photographer. His work has appeared on CNBC, Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal, Daily Beast, Common Wealth Fund, Medicaid and the Law, Home Decor Bliss, ThoughtCo, and many other sites. He resides in Rhinebeck.

William Panuska

A retired teacher, my camera is always with me--even when I move the car from the driveway into the garage for the night.  I enjoy learning about photography while celebrating the Hudson Valley.

Eileen McKenna

I do not consider myself to be a photographer, just someone

who likes taking pictures. I hope you enjoy them and please feel free to send me any thoughts,

good or bad.


Email: irisheyes24@optimum.net

Jeff Severson

Jeff Severson is a nature and landscape photographer residing in the town of Esopus. His photography includes scenic captures from the Hudson Valley region of New York and the Northeast region of Tennessee.

Mark Howenstein

I am a landscape photographer who seeks to capture those magical moments in which the sublime beauty of nature is revealed in all its glory.  Using light, color, contrast and composition, I strive to re-create the beauty that has been given to me, and to pass it on to you, my viewers, to enjoy.


For more of my work, please visit: photopoiesis-landscapes.myportfolio.com

Chris Acosta

As my wife is a healthcare professional our social life for the past year has been to say the least extremely limited.  So I've been photographing around the property for the past year mostly to escape.  I think winter is appropriate to the times as even during Spring, Summer, and Fall it seemed life was frozen.  Winter is a beautiful month with snow giving all a mystical aura and a certain peace.  The ice glistening in the morning sun with purple light dancing on the snow covered branches.  Walking in the cold makes one feel alive looking at the crystal clear skies.  There is no other season that the air is so clean and fresh.  This winter has been especially enjoyable and a feast for the eyes.  Photos can hardly do the winter works of nature justice!

Paul Roberts

I work in the medium of digital color photography (having graduated there from color film), and before that, from black and white film.  My background is in electrical engineering, with interests in aviation, ham radio, and motorcycling.  But these days it's mostly photography.  I have been taking pictures, off and on, since high school, mainly, or mostly, of landscapes, but also of wildlife, people, architecture, and anything else that's interesting.

Ruth Pine

I’m a creative, imaginative, artsy person and currently
work with a variety of mediums, with a fondness for assorted glues
and scissor styles, and special attention given to paint, paper,
sparkly things, and recyclable materials.

The Ulster County Photography Club (UCPC) began in late 2005 as a forum for local photographers of varying levels of expertise, including beginners and the more advanced. The club provides a community for photographers in which there is the opportunity for discussion, networking, and growth. Competitions and critiques have become standard activities at our meetings; participants find the feedback they receive as well as the opportunity to assess other’s works to be invaluable.  We also have a extensive list of Guest Speakers who regularly present, and we are now linked to the Hudson Valley Photography Network. Visit us at https://ucphotoclub.org/ and join us at our monthly meeting the second Wednesday of each month.

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