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Animal Sketchbook Project

As part of "Tails & Tales" summer reading program, we are excited to introduce our Sketchbook Project. To take part, simply check out one of our sketchbooks and fill in as many pages as you wish.


Entries can be of your pets, animals you see in your yard, or animals that exist only in your imagination! This collaborative project is a great way to share your creativity with our community. There are a few simple rules that we ask you to follow.:


* Please be respectful and DO NOT alter anyone else’s work.

* Keep it clean! This is an all-ages project.

* Be mindful of materials used! Colored pencils are provided, but you may use your own supplies, just make sure they do not bleed through onto someone else’s art.

* Please return in a timely manner so that others have a chance to participate.

* Sign your name if you wish, or keep it anonymous if you prefer.



At the end of the summer, we’ll hold an event to share the amazing things you come up with.