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Summer Reading Challenges

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   Come sign up for our Summer Reading Challenges where you can win Prizes for reading books!  This year we're offering all online logs using READsquared.  The logs on the READsquared site will be open from June 11th - August 25th at midnight.

We have 2 Summer Reading Program Challenge tracks for kids this year based on age:

0-8yr olds:

  • Family Readers- where parents read to their children.  Read 15 books to your child and log them. Then choose a prize.  You may repeat this throughout the summer.

  • Independent Readers- Readers who read on their own: after reading 3 level appropriate books* by themselves, they can choose one prize. You may repeat this throughout the summer.  

9-12yr olds: Log 3 level appropriate books* in READsquared, and get a prize! Also, each book you log will contribute $1 toward sponsoring an animal!

* If you're reading a long book, then 3 hrs of reading counts as 1 book.  Just add the title in with chapters.  Example Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone: Ch 1-4.

PRIZES:  Stewart's Ice Cream Coupons, Texas Roadhouse Coupons, or Applebee's Coupons